The advertising man is sitting on the beach, sipping on his drink and doodling in the sand with his foot. And just then the sand sketch strikes something in him. He has an idea. Advertising has always been built upon ideas. Some ideas capture the spirit of the age while some implant a whole new culture that becomes part of the society.

Who doesn’t love a great idea? But where to look for one, especially when you need it Right Now. You don’t go looking for ideas. Instead you create an address within yourself where ideas can find you. Seems like a mythical bestseller theory that never really works. But this one does.

How? Become a sponge. Absorb everything. Random conversations, slang, art galleries, TV shows, movies, books, poetry, shoes, food, customs,psychology, in fact anything that can be felt by the 5 senses. This is how you create the address for ideas to find you. The address then becomes the ideas factory, the storehouse for things that will be summoned by you later.

So stop looking for ideas and let them come to you.