It’s trending! That’s the case for most trends that keep trending for a few days, a few weeks or sometimes for a month. But the latest shopping feature, still in the testing phase, wherein brands can add product details within the app and users can click on the link to purchase.

Tap the image and the tags will show the price and the product name. Each tag givescompletedetails of the product and lets you swipe to see the other products tagged in the photo.To shop all you need to do is tap the Shop Now feature in the product details section. It’s simple. You look, you like, you buy. And if you don’t like, just scroll away to your Instagram feed.

Some top brands like A&F, Coach, Michael Kors and Kate Spade are already experimenting with this new shopping platform. This opens up many possibilities for shoppers and sellers alike. What remains to be seen is how the advertising world latches on to this new thing on the block. Till then #insta.